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         Raintree Ranch, Inc.  #2245                      he  Piedmontese  Association  has  these
         Herd Prefix: RTR
         Scott & Jane Sandifeer                           individual  committees  as  a  way  to  keep  the
         3641 Rains CR 1320
         Emory, TX 75440                      organization functioning in a manor that we believe to
         Phone: 972-890-5000
         Email:                               be  the  most  beneficial  to  our  members.    Please
         Website:                             remember, if you are listed as the Chairperson it is your
                                              responsibility to keep in contact on a consistent basis

                                              with  the  other  members  in  your  committee  and  then

                                              relay  any  pertinent  information  to  the  office,  board

                                              president, or your regional director so that it can then
                                              be addressed in a board meeting and/or sent out to the
         J C Farm # 2072
         Herd Prefix:  JCE                    other members.  We could not exist without your help
         James & Cynthia Ebert
         9964 County Highway I                and participation and  greatly appreciate your efforts to
         Sparta, WI  54656
         Phone: 608-269-4854                  keep the Association moving in the right direction!  If
         Cell:  608-633-1199 - Jim            you  are  not  currently  on  one  of  these  respective
         Cell:  608-633-0061 - Cindy
         Email:            committees  and  would  like  to  be,  please  contact  your

                                              regional director for more information on how to join.
         Narrows Creek Piedmontese
         #880                                 All  members  have  unique  insights  and  talents  that,
         Lifetime Member                      when  shared  with  the  whole,  can  produce  a  much
         Herd Prefix:  NC
         John Hickey                          healthier and active organization!
         E7226 Highlow Road
         Rock Springs, WI 53961                                           PAUS Committees
         Phone: 608-524-3625
         Cell:      608-415-2232              Executive Committee
                                                  *Dennis Hennerberg, Larry Strickland, Stacy Schlichtman, Mike Green, Scott Sandifeer
         Email:  None on File
                                                  *Ranay Sharpe, LeRoy Schieffer

         Givens Farm Piedmontese              Budget
         #2260                                    *Mike Green, Dennis Hennerberg, Wayne Krasselt, Julie Green
         Herd Prefix: GJP                       Marketing & Publications
         Daniel Oberschlake, DVM                  *Julie Green, Mike Green
         1909 Vandenberg Lane
         Kaukauna, WI 54130                   Research & EPD
                                                 *Jamie Hennerberg, Dennis Hennerberg
         Phone: 920-850-4086
         Email:                Sale
                                                  *Stacy Schlichtman, Chris Morris

                                                  *Ranay Sharpe, Ed Johnson, Dennis Hennerberg, Chris Morris, Marina Strickland

                                              Membership Committee
                                                   *Marina Strickland, Patrea Pabst, Andrea Parson

                                                                        *Chairperson of the Committee

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