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DNA Testing Information

        •  You can download forms from our website:  or contact the Paus office.

        •  You MUST order your DNA testing through the PAUS office.
        •  You will be invoiced and pay for your testing through the PAUS office.
        •  Your DNA samples, along with an order manifest, will be mailed directly to Neogen.

                DNA TESTS           PRICE                                 Information

       BEST VALUE                               This test is mandatory for all Fullbloods, Purebreds and
          SNP Parentage plus                    Percentage animals, and optional, but  recommended  for
          Myostatin Combo                       Tenderlean  and Tendercross  registered animals. This is the
                                                best cost savings option.

                                                This is the recommended test for ALL registered cattle, but
         SNP Parentage Only           $15.00
                                                should be combined with Myostatin for new registrations.

         Myostatin Test Only          $18.00  This test is mandatory  for all registered animals.

               Microsatellite         $17.00    This test is available but should only be used when SNP
                                                testing is not an option for parent verification.
               STR Parentage
                                                 OPTIONAL TESTS

                                                Tes t  includes SNP Parentage markers plus the profiles traits
                     IGENITY®                   listed below.

                  Beef Profile       $29.00    Maternal Traits:
        DNA sample must be submitted              Birth Weight, Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Maternal
                                                  Stayability, Heifer Pregnancy Rate, Docility, Milk
        through Igenity directly for           Production traits:
        testing (NOT through PAUS
        office)  - Igenity customers need         Average Daily Gain, Residual Feed Intake, Weaning Weight,
        access to  their private                  Yearling Weight
        dashboard in order to view the         Carcass traits:
        results.                                  Tenderness, Marbling, Ribeye Area, Fat Thickness,
                                                  Carcass Weight
                                                  Igenity Production Index, Igenity Maternal Index

                          BVD PI     $6.50

                     Coat Color      $13.00

                      Prices listed above were at the time of publication.
                Actual prices may change depending on the charges from the lab.
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