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he  Piedmontese  Association  of  the  United  States  (PAUS)  is  a  501c(5)  non-profit
                                 T  organization that was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1987.  The primary purpose of
                                 PAUS is to register cattle, promote the breed, and provide help and support to our members.

                                 PAUS  is  dedicated  to  serving  the  needs  of  the  Piedmontese  breeders  and  it’s  members

                                 nationwide.  The organization is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected by
                                 the  members  they  represent.  Membership  in  the association  and  participation  in  the  election
                                 process is fundamental to our organization and essential to our continued progress and success.

       Each active member has an equal vote at every election, and all members have a chance to serve on the Board of Directors.
       The Board of Directors continually strive to make decisions to benefit the whole of the association, the members,  and the
       Piedmontese breed, but their job becomes difficult without continued participation from active members.   Please consider

       serving on the Board and helping the association progress into the future.   To learn more about  volunteering to serve, or if you
       need more information about the association or  this wonderful breed, please contact one of the local regional Directors or the
       PAUS office.

                                 TYPICAL TRAITS OF PIEDMONTESE

          Production Traits:

         •  Calving Ease (long, slim calves)
         •  Ample milk yield

         •  High Fertility Levels
         •  Docile
         •  Good Mothering instincts
         •  Production Longevity

                                                                   Physical Traits:

                                                                   •  Fawn Color Calves

                                                                   •  Strong, fine bones

                                                                   •  Black Skin Pigmentation

                                                                   •  Grey-White color at maturity

           Carcass Traits:
           •  High Dressing Percentage

           •  Lower Shear-Force (more tender)
           •  Lower in Fat
           •  Lower in Cholesterol
           •  Increase size of ribeye

           •  Higher in flavor intensity
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